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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ready to play the GOOD GAME?

Last November, the IPCC established that human-induced climate change is fast attaining irreversibility – ocean warming, sea level rise and temperature rise.
Introspect on the above statement for a minute.
What does it convey?
Nature, in its pristine form has always adopted a self-sustaining mutually co-existing mechanism, which undoubtedly, is a remarkable success, for us to take note of and understand.
To understand nature, is to think beyond the present system, which is anti-self-sustenance and anti-coexistence. And for us, who have been born, brought-up and moulded into the system, thinking outside its boundaries is many a time impossible, leave alone understanding aspects beyond its regime. Therefore, fundamentally, most of us do not attempt to, nor wish to, understand the basic principle of Nature.
Humans - the most enterprising species of planet Earth, have for long taken Nature for granted and have evolved a system completely against that followed by Nature. Therefore, we aren’t bothered about our neighbour’s well water being polluted, or give a damn about the trees being felled in our cities in the guise of development, nor raise eyebrows towards atrocities committed against our fellow beings…. this list goes on. Today we have become machines, who do not understand self-sustenance; and as against coexistence, are mono-existent.  We simply want to win the race, score the highest, accumulate the maximum, become the richest and above all, earn stature and status. But friends, Nature just doesn’t work that way! Hence the mess!
The only possible solution to the sufferings that we and more importantly our children are going to endure is that proposed by Jesus, Buddha and of late Karl Marx, the same system adapted by the Jews in their Kibbutz - the system of equality and equitability. But, with big corporations and financial powerhouses ‘controlling’ those controlling the system, any proposal towards a change would be quelled and binned without even considering it.
While it is clear that the present system doesn’t offer even a single serious solution towards mitigating and surviving climate change, and because it will not allow any change in its regime, the only possible way out for ordinary folks like you and me, is a solution within the system, that in no way will adversely hurt the system and incur its wrath.
The solution is simply christened the ‘Good Game’
Is the world full of evil? Definitely no!
Human beings, however one with the system, are ‘good’ individually. Therefore, we find around us philanthropy and aid programmes, which work in their individual capacities to prevent the system from destroying the world. But even after nearly half a century of serious anti-poverty campaigns, why do we find, a majority of the world’s people, poor? And even though we until now have consistently produced enough food to feed 2 Earths, we are failing miserably to feed the people of just 1 Earth! This observation raises a serious question – what is the sum total of all the work done against poverty and against climate change? What are the results?
The work – mammoth but the results – paltry. Why so?
I could think of 2 possible answers – (1) Lack of coordination between various organizations working towards different causes, or at times the same cause, resulting is wastage of resources from multiple players aiming to achieve the same end result at the same location; and (2) Lack of participation by, and the lack of opportunities to, ordinary people to be a part of such ‘good’ activities.
Therefore, in order to bring about coordination and understanding between various ‘good’ organisations, to prevent wastage of the limited available resources towards ‘good’ causes, and to involve even ordinary folk into such ‘good’ work, we propose the ‘Good Game’ – a live, real internet based gamified platform, wherein people from across the globe help each other selflessly in their own capacities, all while working to build an equal and equitable society. To be continued….